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RZ Raumausstatter Zeitschrift short profile

The trade journal RZ Raumausstatter Zeitschrift is aimed at interior decorators and designers, decorating suppliers, furnishers and saddlers. Draperies, up- holstery, floor coverings, sun screening options and wall design are the main focus of the magazine. Our special features and company and designer profiles provide an in-depth picture of current market activities, while monthly themes are used to pick up on the latest design trends. Our trade show reports give an overview of the latest product launches. The RZ also showcases the main manufacturers of table, bed, and bath linen, decorative accessories, occa- sional furniture and lamps. Themes such as product range design and marketing, crucial market data, material and style guides complete the picture.
Here's an excerpt of an article from the current issue of RZ:
Wir haben die Brüder Anstoetz von JAB interviewt zum Thema "Was eine Marke ausmacht" und viel erfahren über den Wandel...
Unsere Redaktion war zu Besuch bei Andreas Dahlmeier. Lesen Sie, wie das bayerische Traditionsunternehmen aus Garmisch-Patenkirchen sich gern von der Masse abhebt und dennoch alte Werte nicht aus dem Blick verliert.

The RZ is the official voice of the German interior decorating profession, of sworn interior design specialists, and of the majority of local guilds in Austria (890 interior decorators); 11 issues are published each year.