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DECO short profile

We all dream of a quieter existence, of the perfect retreat - far away from the stress of modern-day living. Our inner eye conjures up romantic images of a white house by the sea, a lonely cottage on a Welsh mountainside, or a farmhouse in Provence. Read DECO for a wealth of lifestyle inspiration: extravagant photo reportages showcasing private and hotel interiors in the world's most stunning locations are an invitation to day-dream. We are also the only German magazine to focus especially on the role of fabric in interior design.

Using imaginative photo series we demonstrate how you can transform your own home using a wide range of fabrics, from toile de Jouy and jacquard to Vichy checks.
Here's an excerpt of an article from the current issue of DECO (German edition):
Und das sind die Wohnreportagen, Stoffproduktionen, Porträts, News, Trends und Tipps... - kurz, der Inhalt unserer aktuellen DECO HOME
Entdecken Sie eine moderne mallorcinische Finca in unserer Beispielgeschichte
DECO_HOME_3_2017_ Eigenproduktion
Auf die Palme! Lassen Sie sich mit gemusterten Stoffen, Retromöbelstücken, passenden Accessoires und jeder Menge Zimmerpflanzen in Sommerlaune bringen...
Und dies werden ein paar der Themen unserer nächsten Ausgabe sein...

Profiles of up-and-coming designers, master crafts- men and companies provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the world of interior design.
A comprehensive supplement provides tips and news on special topics such as kitchens, bathrooms, gardens, &c. From designer sofas and the finest bedlinen to sophisticated silk draperies, we present over 144 pages of the latest interior design trends.